Parish News

Third Sunday of Easter: 26th April 2020

Services this week:

Please note that the public celebration of Mass has been suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The following celebrations will be broadcast live online here.

  • Third Sunday of Easter: Mass at 10am
  • Monday: Mass at 10am
  • Easter Reflection: Wednesday at 7pm
  • Friday: Mass at 10am
  • Saturday: Mass at 10am
  • Fourth Sunday of Easter: Mass at 10am

A Letter to our Parishioners:

Our parish priest, Father Forrest, and Callum Timms, the chair of our Parish Pastoral Council, are writing out to all of our parishioners. Our parishioners should all receive this letter within the next week, however if you receive a letter by post, or if any of the name/address details are incorrect, please let us know by getting in touch here. This will enable us to update your entry in our parish records. 

In the meantime, you can read the text of their letter here.

Easter Reflections:

Each Wednesday during Eastertide, our Facebook page and website will host an Easter reflection at 7pm. We hope you can join us! You can watch back the past two weeks on our Facebook page by clicking the following links:

SCIAF Wee Box Appeal:

SCIAF are appealing for your "Wee Box" donations, as any donations received before 20th May will be matched by the government. Whilst we cannot collect the boxes in the parish at the moment, you can donate via SCIAF's website by clicking here. You can also call SCIAF on 0141 354 5555 or by post in an envelope marked "FREEPOST SCIAF" taking care to state that you are donating to the Wee Box appeal to ensure that your donation is aid-matched.

Can you help?

We're keen to reach out to as many of our parishioners as possible at this challenging time, however we need your help to do so. Our parish census is largely outdated, and this means that many of the phone numbers we have on record are no longer accurate. Thank you to those who have already emailed us to update the entries in the parish records. If you have not yet done so, and you are able to help us to update these records, either for yourself or for older family members and neighbours, please drop us an email with your/their name, phone number and email address (if available) by clicking here.

If you can offer your support to keep in touch with fellow parishioners, please complete the form here.

In your charity, please remember in your prayers...

All of our sick parishioners, and Catherine Kilcar Dickson, Mary Elder, Annie Simmons, John Burns Penman, Desmond Swift, Tina Chandler, Canon James Phelan, Ellen Morrison, Edward Cummings, Michael Dawson and John C. Cain, whose anniversaries occur about this time.