Parish News

Presentation of the Lord - 2 February 2020

Services for the Week


                      SUNDAY:                                            Mass                             10.00 am     

                      MONDAY:                                           Mass                             10.00 am                                  

                      TUESDAY:                          Communion Service              10.00 am

                     WEDNESDAY:                   Communion Service                10.00 am    

                    THURSDAY:                     Communion Service                  10.00 am

                    FRIDAY:                                             Mass                             10.00 am                     

                     SATURDAY:                                        Mass                            10.00 am                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Vigil Mass                              6.00 pm



       Vigil – People of the Parish;        Sunday – Margaret & John Martin;

            Monday – Jean & Patrick Darrien;   Friday – Tom Mulholland;  

            Saturday - Willie McAvoy.


       Confessions: After Saturday morning Mass and 5.30 – 5.55 pm


 In your charity please remember:

Scott Allan, Annie Kennedy, Jean McCullough, and all the sick and housebound.  Also Charles Byrne, Tam Dalyell, Jean & Patrick Darrien, Alex Davie, Charles Fairgrieve, Annie Haggerty, Hugh Hamilton, Hannah

 Kelly, John Kilgallon, Mary Kilgallon, Margaret Liddle, Patrick McAllister, Helen McCubbing, Granny McDougall, James McIntosh, Michael McKenna,  Margaret & John Martin, Bessie

Meldrum, Collette Milne, Collette

Milne, Collette Milne, Tom Mulholland, John Robertson,  Carol Turbitt, Nan Wardrop and John Wright, whose anniversaries occur about this time;


THANK YOU: On behalf of the parishioners of St. Mary’s, we’d like to take this opportunity to extend our grateful thanks to Father Forrest for his dedicated service to our parish community, which he has now served for 25 years this month! 


PILGRIMAGE - This is just to remind you that we are still looking into the feasibility of a Parish Pilgrimage to Iona Abbey in August! The event will cost in the region of £350. This includes two night’s accommodation of bed, breakfast and dinner plus coach hire and entrance/guided tour of the Abbey. A Payment Plan can be arranged in the months prior to the Pilgrimage. If you’re interested /would like to know more, please either add your name to the list in the Hall or contact Callum on


COLLECTIONS - The Offertory Collection last weekend realised £385.26, and the Second Collection, £76.20 - grateful thanks to all donors.



04.01.20:   No. 129 – J. Stevenson               12.01.20:     No.59 – J.Hannah

19.01.20:   No.67 – C. Clelland                     26.01.20:     No.19 – J. Cameron


200 CLUB – Renewal of membership of the 200 Club is now due. There are quite a few spaces vacant in the 200 Club; so, if you fancy an additional number or want to enrol for the first time please see Julie or one of the Pass Keepers. It’s only £13 for a whole year’s worth of chances!!


HEALTH AND SAFETY – with winter upon us here is a timely reminder to take care when entering and leaving the church. In particular:

If you use the steps then please use the handrails provided

If you are carrying anything then please use the slope provided

If you are at all unsteady on your feet then please use the slope

If you need any assistance – just ask



Tea and Coffee will be served after Mass today …. Hope you can join us!!    


Telephone numbers in case of emergency:

St Michael’s, Linlithgow (Canon Kelly): 01506 842145; Christ the King/Sacred Heart, Grangemouth (Fr Francis Ututo): 01324 482 253; St. Francis Xavier’s, Falkirk (Fr Jamie Boyle, Fr John Peter Sippai Siluvappan and Rev. Kenneth Anyanyeya Atia): 01324 623 567; St. Alexander’s, Denny (Canon Boylan - Chaplain to Forth Valley Royal Hospital and Strathcarron Hospice): 01324 823 310